Why Are These Veterinary Professionals… Different?

Why Are These Veterinary Professionals… Different?

Veterinary medicine is full of remarkable people, but the attendees of the inaugural Uncharted Veterinary Conference seemed… a little different. Here’s why, according to the attendees themselves:

1. They’re inspiring

“Because in a world of changing technology, increasing demands, and increased veterinary suicide, I have found a group of people who inspire me to be not just a better veterinarian, but a better person and on the days when I feel like I may fall short, they give me the tools to stand tall again. UVC will always be my family.” – Dr. Tracy Sands


Dr. Andy Roark


2. These veterinary professionals are ready to innovate

“But maybe the best part of the conference was being in a room with ~150 vet med professionals who were all interested in the same things and have the same mind-set. We all want to keep our hospitals on the cutting edge of marketing and client communication.” – 
Katy Hawkins


3. They are full of positivity

“The education and wisdom of this group is well worth the cost of admission. The positive energy created by this group is priceless!” – Dr. Stephenie Rensberger


Uncharted Vet 2017

4. And they’re never done learning…

“While I did walk into a room of extremely accomplished people, in the setting of Uncharted, we were all given equal framework and an equal opportunity to explore what we each still needed to learn.” – Tyler Grogan

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