Uncharted Online is Your Key to Finally Getting Things Done and Growing Your Veterinary Practice

Includes monthly masterclasses, workshops, community masterminds, access to some of the top experts in the veterinary industry as well as access to livestreams and recordings of all our the live events.

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Gain access to Uncharted’s private Facebook Workplace community where you can get support, ask questions and collaborate with our vibrant, positive, engaged community. You're not going to achieve your goals by watching videos or speakers on stages. You're going to get there by surrounding yourself with kick-ass people who will help you with your specific problems, encourage you, and hold you accountable.


Our intensive courses meet online 1-2 times weekly for lectures, round table discussions, case studies, and homework. Courses run for 2-4 weeks and are scheduled approximately every other month. Topics include strategic planning, effective communications, staff development, key performance indicators and meditation for busy skeptics  

Live Event Access

The next best thing to actually joining us in person at our uncharted events. You’ll be able to watch and enjoy trainings live that will help you grow your business or help you get better at  what you do.

What Else Comes With Uncharted Online? 

  • Watch and re-watch all of the live sessions from 2017, 2018 conference's and next year's uncharted event. This is over 48 live expert sessions to share.
  • Live Stream the Get Sh*t Done Conference in October and the Uncharted Conference in April 2019 – the conference all about marketing, brand strategy and practice growth.
  • Be the first to know about Facebook Live events and all upcoming webinars.
  • Support to help focus on your personal wellness to you avoid burnout and come back to loving what you do.
  • Receive legacy discounted pricing and early access to the in-person conferences (these sell out fast).
  • The Uncharted book club is a monthly book club for veterinary innovators, leaders and career climbers.

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UVC Community Testimonials

"I didn't even attend the conference due to a fabulous ankle injury that sidelined me the day before it started, and I have learned so much being part of the online community! I am so excited for UVC next year, and I already have 2 colleagues I want to bring."
DR. BLADES MCKNIGHTMcKnight Equine Mobile Veterinary Services
"We are all on the same boat and it's on fire and this community are my firefighters. If there is a problem I can throw it out there and all of you have my back."
Shelia EllisPort Royal Veterinary Hospital
"This group manages to bring a smile to my face even while discussing stressful topics. There's a perfect blend of serious insightful advice, light-hearted humor, and true support. In the sometimes isolating and stressful world of vet med, this group is my anti-depressant."
Dr. Michael MillerLakewood Animal Hospital
"Vet groups can be stuffy to the point of discouraging participation. Not so with this community. We are social, encourage questioning and answers are given intelligently with insightful viewpoints. This has been an incredible asset to run my practice both medically and from a management standpoint."
Gary BeallSpringboro Veterinary Hospital
"I feel completely "safe" in sharing unpopular ideas, outside the box suggestions and in turn participating in said discussions in Uncharted."
Carol HurstABC Animal & Bird Clinic
"The online Uncharted Community has been increasingly beneficial. We have access to free webinars, interaction with other members to share experiences and ask advice/opinions, and the support of instructors who taught seminars at the conference. I cannot say enough great things about Uncharted!"
KATY HAWKINSNeel Veterinary Hospital
"In a world where vet medicine is under siege, there are creative, savvy, tenacious & generous warriors who use their immense talent to uplift their teams, patients & hospitals to be the healthiest they can be. Pets & people are better off because these women are on the planet. It's been an honor to connect with them."
DR. HEATHER LOESNERBridgewater Veterinary Hospital
“Why Uncharted? Because in a world of changing technology, increasing demands & increased veterinary suicide, I have found a group that inspires me to be not just a better vet, but a better person. On days when I feel like I may fall short, they give me the tools to stand tall again. UVC will always be my family."
Dr. Tracy SandsHealing Paws Veterinary Care

Upcoming Classes/Webinars

  • Webinar: QPR with Jamie Holms   •   Nov. 6, 2018
  • Master Class: Financial Knowhow   •   Starts Nov. 11 and runs once weekly for 4 weeks
  • Webinar: Conflict Management for the Whole Team   •   Dec. 4, 2018
  • Master Class: How to Write an Ad   •   Starts Dec. 11, 2018 and runs once weekly for 4 weeks
  • Master Class: Strategic Planning   •   Starts Jan. 8, 2019 and runs once weekly for 4 weeks
  • Webinar: Personal Finance   •   Jan. 22, 2019
  • Webinar: How to Get Your Team to Sell without Feeling Like Its All About Money   •   Feb. 5, 2019
  • Master Class: DiSC/Team Communication   •   Starts March 12, 2019 and runs once weekly for 4 weeks
  • Webinar: How to Schedule for a Profitable, Happy Practice   •   March 19,2019
  • Master Class: Staff Development: What to Do With Your People   •   Starts May 14, 2019 and runs for 4 weeks
  • Webinar: Stand Out From Competing Practices – Finding & Telling your Brand Story   •   June . 4, 2019
  • Webinar: Commando Recruiting – Getting New Vets and Techs When You’re Not a Corporate Giant   •   August 6, 2019
More classes will be announced as they are scheduled.

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How many spots are available for the Uncharted Online Community?

The Online Community has unlimited space unavailable. You can enroll yourself, your tech team or your entire practice. 

Is this a subscription?

No. It's a set price for one year which can be broken into monthly payments for your convenience.

How does payment work?

You can pay all at once, or you can sign up for a convenient monthly payment plan. If you decide later you want to go to a conference, you can purchase the conference separately if space is available.

So, if I join the Online Community this year, I’ll get first shot at a conference spot next year?

Yes. Our members will always come first when it comes to registration for future events.

Can I register for the online community whenever I want?

Yes. The Uncharted Online Community works on a 365 day calendar so you can join whenever you like.

Does everyone have an equal chance to get a spot in the conferences or online community?

Yes and No. Registration works in stages. First, 2018 members will have the chance to register for 2019. Then, 2018 members will have the chance to nominate new people for early registration for 2019. After that, registration of all remaining seats will open to the public.

How is the Uncharted Community different from all the other online schools?

That’s a big question. Definitely review our conference web pages to get all the insight, but briefly… Uncharted is all about taking the brightest, most enthusiastic veterinary business/communication/marketing geeks in the world and putting them all together in a group to grow and learn from each other. You'll have access to all Uncharted webinars, you can livestream conference sessions and talks, and you'll have the best support system on our Facebook Workplace members only page. 

I REALLY WANT A SPOT!! What’s my best chance for getting one?

Sign up for the Uncharted newsletter at https://unchartedvet.com/newsletter . Public registration open dates will be emailed out every year. That will also be the first place we announce when registration is live. Keep an eye on your email and be ready!

Can I see the live Uncharted conferences in the online community?

YES! Our GSD October 2018 Conference will be live streamed and both of our conferences are filmed and archived versions go into the online school. It generally takes a month or so to get everything processed and edited, but then it’s all there. When you join the online community, you’ll already have access to the 2017 Uncharted conference including all the workshops, general sessions and the keynote address.

Does Uncharted Online Community use Facebook?

No. We use Facebook Workplace so you never even have to sign into your Facebook account to ask questions and get valuable insight from our phenomenal community.

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