What To Expect At The Uncharted Practice Owner Summit

The Uncharted Practice Owner Summit is a live veterinary conference happening December 2-4. It will feature interactive general sessions and workshops and our signature Choose Your Own Adventure courses. The Uncharted conferences are not your typical events. You will have the opportunity to have real-time conversations with other attendees, share your story, and learn what you really want to know. We work hard to recreate the “family-feel” that our in-person events are known for at every Uncharted Conference. Get ready to make new friends and find a Community you can count on!


The Program

DAY 1 THURSDAY, December 2

The Uncharted Practice Owner Summit kicks off at 5 PM ET with the Uncharted team leading the whole crew in some fun and games. In true UVC style, we will break the ice, get to know one another and our downtown Greenville surroundings. Dinner, opening ceremonies and the keynote from Dr. Andy Roark will round out our evening. Considering this will be our first time together in person in what feels like FOREVER, we invite you to don all your best anchor gear. Bring your UVC spirit as we reconnect and kick the Summit off right.

DAY 2 FRIDAY, December 3

Our day will start with breakfast hosted in the hotel ballroom at 8:30 AM. The general session, workshops and our famous Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) sessions will fill the day and our brains with tons of new ideas, tips and tricks to level up your ownership game.

Our virtual workshops are 120-minute sessions where attendees actually work and create resources/skills that they can take back to their practices and put to use immediately.

We will have plenty of time for discussions with our colleagues while still having to explore the best that gorgeous downtown Greenville has to offer us. Lunch and dinner will be on your own Friday, however, the UVC team has a whole list of suggestions and you can be sure if you want company, one (or ten) of your fellow attendees will be happy to join you. 

DAY 3 SATURDAY, December 4

Kick off the morning with your new friends in the Poinsett Ballroom (or go grab something on your own after a morning walk/run on the Swamp Rabbit trail). We have a jam-packed last day together that will include a combination of structured sessions and brain breaks for networking and building relationships and trust that doesn’t come in the form of trust falls!

Before we say our “see you laters”, join Dr. Andy Roark and Stephanie Goss in an intensive workshop designed to help you think critically about what you want to achieve coming out of the Summit. We will discuss how to get your team on board and excited about where you are going to go together and set action-oriented and SMART goals, no matter what your focus. Best of all, you will leave Greenville with connections and professional relationships to lean on when things get tough along the way. We wind down at 4 PM ET on Saturday, giving you plenty of time to get home and relax before heading to the clinic on Monday. 

Have more questions? Read our Live Event FAQ here.


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