Things To Do Near UVC

Wednesday evening:
Greenville is known for its restaurants. Here’s an article from Esquire Magazine on why Greenville may be the new foodie capital of the south. All of these restaurants are just a few minutes walk from our hotel.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 night spots in Greenville per USA Today. Only #6 is not within walking distance. I also have a couple of favorite places and I’m sure we can informally organize a meetup.

For Thursday:
Paris Mountain State Park is just a short drive from downtown for anyone who would like to hike.

Falls Park is a beautiful and scenic riverside park and it is located about 200 yards from the hotel.

River Falls Spa is the spa associated with the Westin and is located next door to the hotel for anyone who just wants to unwind and relax before a big weekend.

Greenville Zoo is a really nice outing and it’s only about a 1 mile walk down the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail from the hotel. Adult admittance is just $9.

For joggers or serious walkers, the Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 21 mile linear park that runs through Falls Park and can be easily accessed from the Westin. It’s a wonderful place to stroll or jog and mile markers make it easy to control your distance. Some sections are even padded to reduce knee strain while jogging.

If you want to explore but not on foot, you can easily rent a bicycle about a block from the hotel and pedal around or jump on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Downtown Greenville is also great for window shopping with a vibrant art community. Dark Corner Distillery has moonshine tastings, and there is an independent bookstore that shares space with a coffee shop and cupcakery literally next to the hotel.

For breakfast, you can walk to Eggs Up Grill, or Biscuit Head is just a bit farther. The options for lunch are limitless, but The Lazy Goat has the best fried goat cheese & honey appetizer in the world.

Happy Hour will kick off the conference at the Westin, and then we’ll have our opening banquet, keynote address and an improv comedy show!

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