Teamwork Mind Meld: Setting Expectations for Team Communication


You can overcome your concerns or fears over leading your team through team building/communication/accountability work! The simplest way is to learn about it and practice it within a supportive community. In this team communication workshop, we will cover a series of simple, easy-to-lead exercises that will allow you to walk your team from the very first “getting to know you” conversation all the way through the hard stuff and on to the dream work level of teamwork.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • Experience participating in and running communication exercises
  • Confidence in leading your team towards building a foundation for better communication and teamwork within your own practices


Join us on Wednesday, June 29 from 8:30 – 10:30 PM ET/ 5:30 – 7:30 PM PT for $99 (FREE for Uncharted Members!) Members must still be registered to attend.

All Uncharted Veterinary Community Workshops are LIVE! You will be able to ask the instructor questions that help you address your practice’s unique problems. This will not be 2 hours of silent screen time. Gear up for interactive, fun learning!

Have more questions? Check out our Workshops FAQ.

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