Mic Drop: Why I Hire Artists

Mic Drop: Why I Hire Artists

by Saye Clement, DVM

I’m a passionate supporter of the arts in my spare time. I got to thinking about why, and came to the realization that artists possess traits that I admire; traits that I want my veterinary team members to have as well! And thus, on a page of a random notebook, this talk was born! (You’ll have to watch to understand that reference!)


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Dr. Saye Clement graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1993. Over her career, she has been a general practitioner (and proud of it!), with stints as an emergency vet and as a locum. She has been with Carling Animal Hospital in Ottawa, Canada since 1998, first as an associate and now as a co-owner. She has developed a special interest in practice management along with seeing her patients. Outside of the hospital, she donates her time to several not-for-profit arts organizations, as well as spending time with her family and her sheltie.

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