Mic Drop: What’s That? A Veterinarian Confronts Hearing Loss, and Maybe You Should, Too.

Mic Drop: What’s That? A Veterinarian Confronts Hearing Loss, and Maybe You Should, Too.

by Bruce Francke, DVM


It took me several years to finally admit that I was having a hearing problem. I think it’s human nature to deny your shortcomings as long as possible, but communication is critical in my job! As a medical professional, it’s what I do all day long, every day. It took some honest talk from my team members to convince me that I needed to address my hearing problems.


When I finally got my hearing aids, I realized that I should have done it years before. My procrastination negatively impacted those around me and that’s the bad news. The good news is when others I encountered saw a person like me, in my early 50’s wearing hearing aids, they started asking me about them. It turns out that this is an extremely common problem, and sharing my own story seemed to work as a call-to-action for others to finally address their own hearing problems. I realized that this issue is important, and I could take a leadership role in helping others to improve their lives, as well as the lives of their family, friends and co-workers.


I guess my mic-drop was my attempt to help others by being just a little bit vulnerable – a small price to pay for sure.



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Dr. Bruce Francke is an Essexville-Hampton, MI native. He has been practicing at Bay Animal Hospital since 1993. He is a past member of the MSU CVM Alumni Council and a past recipient of the Bay County Humane Society’s Humanitarian of the year award. He enjoys all aspects of the canine and feline medicine with a particular interest in dermatology and internal medicine; including endocrine disorders and cancer medicine. His passion is to provide patients with access to state of the art medicine and treat clients with compassion and honesty. He is also the creator and host of the Unleashed Veterinary Podcast, available on Apple iTunes, the Google Play Store and Facebook.

Dr. Francke and his wife Leslie have 2 children, Kara and Tyler; 1 granddaughter, Marissa; 4 dogs, Ruger, Chase, Stella, and Bailey; and 2 horses, Eddie and George.

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