Mic Drop: What If…

Mic Drop: What If…

by Senani Ratnayake, RVT

I decided to do my Mic Drop at the Uncharted Veterinary Conference on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Over the years, working as an RVT, consultant, and speaker (both inside and outside the veterinary industry) I have heard many crazy, heartfelt, and devastating stories that made me stop and think about all of the things that had to line up in order for that story to take place. Sharing a personal experience of mine allowed me the opportunity to share the twists and turns of a series of “What If…” moments that led to a truly memorable time in my life. The veterinary setting in my Mic Drop allowed for a deeper set of “What If’s” as I encouraged everybody to be aware of when we are judging, in order to really consider what circumstances may have led to something being different to what you picture as “ideal.” Speaking is my passion and I feel especially privileged to have been able to speak to the Uncharted Tribe. “What If…” you watch my Mic Drop? Well, I hope it inspires you to think, even if just for a moment!


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Senani Ratnayake is an RVT who discovered her niche after realizing that many of her colleagues had chosen veterinary medicine because they loved animals, and didn’t really like humans that much! She has been educating veterinary professionals on customer service, communication and team building for over 14 years and is the founder of Motivatum Consulting. Her experiences in practice, combined with time spent working in Industry, have given her a unique perspective. Having received multiple awards for her contributions to the profession, Senani is noted as a relatable and thought-provoking story-teller, capturing hearts and attention to inspire change!

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