Are these conferences really going to sell out?

Yes. Yes they are. There is a firm cap of 150 people per conference. This is because nothing is more valuable than meeting brilliant people in an intimate and vibrant setting. Our first year, Uncharted Veterinary Conference sold out in 10 weeks. We expect both conferences to sell out faster than that in 2017. Depending on how quickly they sell out, we may or may not add more conferences in 2019.

Are introverts going to hate this?

No. At least, we try really hard to make sure they don’t. Yes, there is a ton of socializing and meeting people and talking about your practice, career, goals, challenges, etc. However, half of the team that works to plan Uncharted conferences is introverted and we are very aware that some people will need downtime to recharge batteries. These conferences are exhausting (think: best-vacation-ever exhausting), but you will have a lot of control over how you spend your time.

Does everyone have an equal chance to get a spot in the conferences or online community?

Yes and No. Registration works in stages. First, 2017 attendees will have the chance to register for 2018. Then, 2017 members will have the chance to nominate new people for early registration for 2018. After that, registration of all remaining seats will open to the public.

How are Uncharted Conferences different from all the other conferences?

That’s a big question. Definitely review our conference web pages to get all the insight, but briefly… Uncharted is all about taking the perfect number of the brightest, most enthusiastic veterinary business/communication/marketing geeks in the world and putting them all together in a tiny, swanky hotel with incredible food, a fanatical focus on getting them to know each other, a 15:1 attendee to instructor ratio, and educational topics that are more advanced than traditional vet conferences. We pump in enthusiasm, energy, and an attitude that anything is possible. Seriously, last year people cried when it was over.

Is this a subscription

No. It's a set price for one year which can be broken into monthly payments for your convenience.

How many workshops can I attend?

You can attend up to six workshops. However, lecture and discussion sessions will also be happening on the main stage. How many workshops you do depends entirely on how many lecture/discussion you choose to do (and also whether you choose to use one of your sessions to work on the skill you have just learned or take a break from the action to recharge. Both of those activities are totally fine as well.)

How will you keep the workshop sizes small?

We are using a system similar to college registrars to allow attendees to rank their preference before the conference begins. We will then provide each attendee with a personalized schedule to ensure optimal workshop sizes with no stress.

How will I know which workshops I want to attend?

Attendees will be provided with detailed information regarding the content of workshops and lecture/discussions prior to the conference to assist in selecting sessions.

How does payment work?

There are three options for joining up with Uncharted. You can come to both Uncharted conferences (Uncharted & Uncharted: GSD) and be part of the online community, you can come to one of the two conferences and be part of the online community, or you can just join the online community. Choose what’s right for you then pay monthly or as one lump sum.

I REALLY WANT A SPOT!! What’s my best chance for getting one?

Sign up for the Uncharted newsletter at . Public registration open dates will be emailed out every year. That will also be the first place we announce when registration is live. Keep an eye on your email and be ready!

So, if I join the online community this year, I’ll get first shot at a conference spot next year?

Yes. Our members will always come first when it comes to registration for future events.

Can I see the live Uncharted conferences in the online community?

YES! Both of our conferences are filmed and archived versions go into the online school. It generally takes a month or so to get everything processed and edited, but then it’s all there. When you join the online community, you’ll already have access to the 2017 Uncharted conference including all the workshops, general sessions and the keynote address.

Can I register for the online community whenever I want?

No. There is a limited window to register for the 2018 online community. This is to help ensure a cohesive group and a to provide a certain level of confidentiality that can’t be achieved with people coming and going. Registration for 2018’s online community will close when all spaces are full or on February 15th, whichever is first.

Is there really a limit to how many people can be in the online community? That’s weird.

There is absolutely a limit to how many people can join. Right now that limit is 150 people. We want our community to really serve its members. We want them to have access to the people who can help them. We want them to get into ALL the courses they want, and have a meaningful, intimate experience when they do. We can’t offer this is we let too many people in.

How does this online community thing work?

When you register for one of our 2018 conferences or for a 2018 online membership, you’ll be added to our 2018 email list and Facebook group. You will also be given an access code for our online school ( You can start taking courses immediately in the school and meeting your colleagues in the online group. Webinars, challenge groups, books for the book club, office hours, etc will all be announced in the Facebook group and online with plenty of time for you to be involved however much you would like.

Do I need a Facebook account?

A Facebook account is required if you want to take full advantage of the online community. You can, however, attend the live events, take courses in the online school, and view live webinars without it. Uncharted conferences are designed to stand alone and be incredible experiences. Participation in the online community is therefore optional (but highly recommended).

What happens at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, your membership in the online school will expire and need to be reset. The 2018 Facebook group will continue to exist and you will have access to it, but commenting and posting will be disabled. No one will be added to this group and it will remain only accessible to the 2018 community members.

How much RACE CE Can I get?

Our conferences will each provide at least 12 hours of RACE CE. We also have 6 hours of on-demand RACE CE in our online school and will be adding at least 6 more in 2018. We also have live online events that qualify for RACE CE and are open to the public.

That doesn’t sound like nearly as much RACE CE as other conferences. Why don’t you do more?

RACE CE is valuable and generally approved for traditional means of education (lectures, webinars, workshops etc). We do some of this and pick up RACE CE for our members when possible. However, most of our members don’t need more RACE CE than we provide and getting more doesn’t seem to be a priority for them. Also, we have chosen to focus on discussing the problems our members are facing and addressing them using whatever tools make the most sense (online coaching sessions, Facebook discussions, articles, meet ups at other conferences, etc). Many of these approaches simply don’t allow RACE CE certification. We also pride ourselves on getting great educational resources to people quickly when a problem arises. Getting RACE CE approval just takes too long for how quickly we try to move, and most people would rather have a great discussion of how to address a struggle they’re having right now than wait a few weeks and get another hour of RACE CE credit. Again, RACE CE is great and important, and we make sure to provide it, but ultimately we value the educational experience over counting CE credits.

I know Uncharted conferences have great food and everything is included, but I’m vegetarian/vegan. Is that a problem?

No. It’s not a problem. We’ve got you covered.

Should I bring my family/spouse/friend for when I’m not in workshops?

You certainly can, and we will host them at the opening banquet. However, please know that there is very little downtime and everything is geared towards immersing attendees in the culture and community while they are there. You will meet some of the most interesting people in veterinary medicine and you will have opportunities to socialize with them. You won’t want to miss many of those chances.